Carnage and Vinai collaborated. Let that sink in.

Alright, now listen to their collab “Time For The Techno” out on Spinnin’ Records right now.

I only linked the preview cause I highly doubt anyone will want to listen to the full thing. But, if you do, click here.

So, first of all, this song is called “Time For The Techno” – except it isn’t techno at all. It’s more like bland festival trap. So why is it called “Time For The Techno”? Maybe it’s just to trigger people like me and drum up some negative press for the free plays. If that’s the case, well… you got me.

(For what it’s worth, VINAI had another song called “Techno” in 2015. That, too, wasn’t techno.)

Second of all, the production sounds like something that any relatively talented producer could make in 2 minutes. It also sounds like something they’d probably throw in the “shitty idea” bin about 30 seconds later, never to be touched again. There’s absolutely nothing forward-thinking about it, in fact it seems like little to no thought went into this track at all. I don’t even know why I’m writing an article about this aside from the fact that I’m pissed at how relatively popular “artists” can release such mediocre crap on such a big label. Do the label managers and artists not look themselves in the mirror at night and think they could do better? Or do they just not care?

Who knows…

All I know is this isn’t techno; this isn’t good; and this doesn’t deserve the attention I’m giving it right now. But, I hope you guys and gals may at least enjoy a laugh in the process.


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