Every so often, a certain track is released that completely takes the electronic music world by storm: something entirely unique, genre-pushing, and fiercely representative of the artists willing to break any and all boundaries. These are the songs that propel the entire culture forward, offer a new perspective on old trends, and reveal the true, untested artistic soul of the creators involved. They reject the concept of imitation, and choose instead to embark toward new, sonic frontiers never even imagined by producers before them. They give validity to our brand of music, and give its dedicated listeners something to ponder and feel in their core.

VINAI‘s latest Spinnin’ release, “Techno,” is not one of these tracks.

The writer in me wants to continue creating elaborate and insulting metaphors about it, but the rage I feel after listening is overcoming all of that. This song is a terrible, effortless attempt by VINAI to completely copy the bigroom formula that’s been used and abused by literally hundreds of producers in a desperate and almost shameful attempt to distance themselves from any form of creativity or musicianship.


There is not one synth or piece of percussion that I haven’t heard thousands of times before. The song’s structure and flow are so cookie cutter and expected that I could actually anticipate the entire arrangement after just 30 seconds. Finally, the fact that it’s called “Techno.” Despite it being a reference to the vocal sample used, it’s easily the most infuriating and purposefully misleading part. I won’t even get into it.

The only mental image that comes to mind consists of VINAI chugging vodka Red Bulls and high-fiving each other 50 consecutive times while laughing about how easy their job is.

Congrats to Spinnin’ for another successful release. Listen to whatever this is below, and look at the Soundcloud comments.