Marshmello and Selena Gomez have been sitting on a track together and it sounds like it’s going to be released in the near future!

A fan recently nudged the DJ/producer on Twitter, asking for a tip on the much-anticipated track. Although Marshmello didn’t come out and say exactly when the destined-to-be-hit song is coming out for sure, he promised it’s “coming very, very soon!”

Although “very, very soon” is an immeasurable amount of time, this is giving us a glimmer of hope…

Marshmello first shared the news of this massive collaboration back in July. Then, in August, Selena talked about it briefly during a radio interview, confirming it was soon-to-be released. She also opened up about working with Marshmello and their dynamic on the track:

“He’s so cool! It’s kind of in his world and I’m stepping into it and bringing my style, too. It’s beautiful. It’s one of my favorite songs.”

We’re sure this one will be worth the wait!


Photo via Rukes