It was only about 5 days ago that a video from Burning Man surfaced that featured a purported collaboration between Joyryde and Skrillex. The track didn’t last very long, and the audio from the video wasn’t anything special either, but it at least succeeded in getting people’s attention.

Now, we have more proof that the collaboration is in fact legitimate, as Joyryde was filmed dropping the same track at Tramps Like Us in San Diego over the weekend. And better, yet – this audio and video are in much higher quality, and the trackĀ bangs.

This is probably the bounciest house track we’ve heard this year, outside of actual bounce music (which there hasn’t been much of in the first place). The sort of squeaky synths in the drop, coupled with the absolutely infectious drum loop, make for a ridiculously danceable song.

Check it out below for yourself!

JOYRYDE X Skrillex – ID as played by JOYRYDE himself @LED presents Tramps Like Us, San Diego, California, USA (24/09/2017)

Posted by Skrilluminati on Monday, September 25, 2017


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