Pasquale Rotella, founder of Insomniac Events, announced earlier this month that EDC would be moving from its usual date in June to Memorial Day Weekend in May, in order to avoid some of the heat on the Speedway. Additionally, next year’s EDC would feature camping for the very first time. While this was something suspected by many, the actual announcement was still a decent shock.

With such a drastic change, many people have lots of questions. And so yesterday, Rotella took to Reddit for an AMA and answered as many questions he could about EDC – camping and otherwise – as well as other Insomniac related questions regarding his inspirations for designs, Middlelands, and more.

Read the full AMA here, or scroll down for some of the highlights.

1. Camping prices will be cheaper with an RV, and include some more luxurious options, as well

2. Camping passes will allow you go to in and out from the festival during normal hours.

3. Rotella somewhat sidesteps this question about shuttles, but confirms that tents will provide protection from sunlight.

4. Rotella likes the idea of a stage near the shuttles to cope with boredom during the way, but says there aren’t any plans for it. The wait shouldn’t be that long this year, either.

5. An Insomniac Production Museum is in the works!

6. There needs to be a vote on how to operate the live stream next year.

7. QuantumValley will have a massive upgrade this year.

8. They’re still looking for the right location for Middlelands in 2018.

9. Tips and tricks, secret tattoo booths, and real time response…

10. Will we see any dance music legends at EDC Las Vegas?

11. There’s literally no LED left in the US during EDC.

12. NeonGarden is getting a redesign next year, too.

13. Pasquale has definitely kandi flipped.

14. An EDC Cruise has been considered.

15. The biggest factor in moving EDC to May was…