On top of being an amazing producer, Skrillex is a pretty awesome dude, too…

In the video below, the OWSLA head honcho is filmed outside of Crossroads Restaurant in Los Angeles as a few fans contemplate going over to meet him. Little do they know, Sonny Moore is actually super down to earth.

“Would he be mad if we asked for a photo?!” one of them questions out loud.

Finally, they muster up the courage to go talk to him, get some photos, and even record a video for a fan named Jake who aspires to produce himself. After some conversation, Skrillex grabs one fan’s phone to record a message for the kid who wasn’t there.

“Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Make all the music in the whole world.” Skrillex says before handing back the phone.

Skrillex Greets Fans in Los Angeles


Photo via Watchara