Chemical X, the artist behind the trippy display with 7,000 ecstasy pills and a Cara Delevingne lookalike held an entire art show over the weekend, with 15 never-before-seen exhibits!

There were about 250,000 total ecstasy pills that collectively went into making all the pieces at the art show — a lot more than your average drug bust. And more expensive, too. Just breaking down ‘The Spirit Of Ecstasy” piece, featuring 7,000 ecstasy tablets for $1.3 million dollars — those pills cost $185.71 a pop.

The modern, futuristic, and rather simplistic designs also rock a certain type of edge, thanks to the tablets. The work is precise, breathtaking, and for select eyes only. While Chemical X only granted an elite group of people access to the event, there are a few photos that have surfaced online of the exquisite art.

Check out Chemical X’s incredible work below!

Chemical X – #CX300 Show

If you didn't get to come to CX300 this is what you missed…

Posted by Chemical X on Sunday, October 1, 2017

250,000 ecstasy pills… pretty dam cool. #chemicalx

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