Over the last month, we’ve shared some of the singles from the bitbird compilation album Gouldian Finch #02. The anticipation kicked off with a San Holo single before we were given bangers by Autolaser, Taska Black, Marcioz and finally, DROELOE. Now, the entire compilation is out and it’s everything we were waiting for.

If you were familiar with the first Gouldian Finch you’ll be pleased to know that in addition to the artists above, other bitbird favourites like ILIVEHERE., Duskus, Eastghost, BeauDamian, Vic Alexis and more all returned while rising stars in their own right, Just A Gent, Ramzoid, and Deon Custom make their official debuts. As far as the records go, there’s a whole lot of diversity in here. Whether’s its trap, experimental bass, future bass, experimental trap, or even classical music, every song retains a certain ‘bitbird-esque’ quality to it. Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s what bitbird had to say.

“We hope by the time listeners reach the final notes of the explosive mega collab that closes GF2, they will have emerged out of a fantastical trek through the most interesting, fascinating  parts of the electronic music world. Great music can come from anywhere and GF2 is our greatest effort to show current fans and new fans the possibilities their ears still need to hear.”

 love, bitbird

Stream the whole album below!