We thought the whole Medasin vs Skrillex thing was over a couple weeks ago, but it seems that some fans just aren’t ready to let go…

At a recent show, some fans started a “F*ck Skrillex” chant, in response to the recent dispute between Medasin’s song “Territory” and its similarities to Skrillex’s newly released remix for Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble.” The two got on facetime to sort things out, but that didn’t really go anywhere; and Skrillex even shot back on Twitter after that. In the end,¬†fans will be fans.

Medasin got on Instagram later to clarify to fans who might’ve seen his story that he was not the one who started the chant, but “kept it going” because “that’s a rare ass moment.”

Yeah, no argument there.


via Noiseporn | Photo via Jas Davis