Matrix and Futurebound clearly have nothing to prove to anyone in drum and bass or EDM at large, but they continue to pump out some of the cleanest beats in any genre across the board. Since they had at least three tracks on Viper’s recent compilation with Bassrush, no one was expecting a new track out for at least a month, but “Human (feat. Raphaella)” released on September 29 to rave reviews, including this one.

To make a track like “Human” sound so simple and emotive is not at all simple. While the jump up beat sounds like it’s a standard early 00s throwback, it’s pretty clear that it was written recently not only because of the polish it has but because of the updated tones and hyper-clean snares. The emotion quite clearly comes from the synths and singer Raphaella’s incredible vocals. Said synths are light and airy in nature and seem to be somewhat 80s-inspired, but when combined with the vox and beats the era of the synths will likely be the furthest thing from listeners’ minds. The vocals are in the same sad key as the synths and they run the entire length of the track in a pop format or verse-chorus-verse, with very little cuts.

All the elements of “Human” by Matrix and Futurebound serve both to inspire and to choke up. This is not your run-of-the-mill liquid jump up tune, partially for the simple fact that it is Matrix and Futurebound, and it is so damn clean.

“Human” is out now on Viper and can be purchased via a number of formats by clicking here.