If you think Monstercat is a label that only hosts lighthearted EDM jams and video game music, their newest release is bound to give you a shock. Named after the darkest substance on earth, “Vantablack” sees dubstep’s native metal expert Sullivan King has joining forces with the famed bass music trio Dirtyphonics… and I’ll tell you, the result is glorious face-melting goodness.

While 2017 has seen some pretty mental dubstep/metal hybrids (notably Kill The Noise’s remix of “Like a Bitch” and RIOT’s remix of “BAMF”), “Vantablack” just might top them all. While the track exhibits many of the same qualities as its counterparts (roaring electric guitar lines, a rage-inducing drop), Sullivan King’s genuinely raw, intense vocals definitely give “Vantablack” an entire new dimension of depth. Simply said, metalheads aren’t gonna be disappointed with this one.

Fans are calling this song “the hardest release on Monstercat EVER.” Do you agree? Take Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King’s challenge yourself and “try not to headbang!” Listen to “Vantablack” below:

Support on all platforms: Monstercat.lnk.to/Vantablack