What do you do when you want to remix a track, but you can’t get your hands on the stems? Do you just give up? Not if you’re Nitti Gritti

This Floridian producer wasn’t deterred by something as simple as not having access to stems from Skrillex & Poo Bear’s new single, “Would You Ever.” Instead, he chose to sing and produce parts of the track from scratch, coming exceptionally close to the original; in addition, he put his own original flare on the drop to really give it an extra dose of that hot sauce.

“So I wanted to do this remix for a while and couldn’t get the stems so I just decided to sing and produce this version myself. Skrillex and Poor Bear inspire me so much, I look forward to working with them someday. The original honestly made me cry the first time I heard it and I hope I can convey that same emotion with my version.”

Check out Nitti Gritti’s original cover of “Would You Ever” below.