Escape to another place with Sam Feldt‘s debut album, which blends multiple genres into one groovy, dance-worthy collection!

Old school house, new school tropical, borderline alternative rock and folk, all translate into a style that can only be described as “Sam Feldt.” The producer’s 12-track Sunrise release makes a statement by defying what’s expected and pushing his deep house roots to another realm. Track-by-track he takes his productions multiple directions while keeping those carefree summertime beach vibes alive.

If you’ve heard Sam Feldt’s collaboration with Akon already, you know “YES” puts the producer’s best foot forward, but there is much more “yes” to follow. It’s nice to hear his own solo vision come through with tracks like “Sensational” and “Save Tonight” with no other credited artists — but equally as fun to hear a track like “Shot By My Own Gun” featuring The Federal Empire that doesn’t even sounds like it belongs on an electronic album.

Sunrise challenges what listeners should expect to hear when diving into a new album… Close your eyes and get lost with this one! It’s out now via Spinnin’ and you can listen below!

Sam Feldt – Sunrise


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