Tiësto is making a big statement with his electrifying Clublife Vol. 5 album, which draws inspiration from and is dedicated to China!

Banger after banger, this collection of pounding festival anthems goes hard and never lets up — channeling the feeling of a massive show through your own speakers, headphones, or however you love to listen. Previously released tracks including Tiësto x John Christian‘s “Scream” set the bar high for this release, but the producer matches that energy with 17 more impressive productions.

“This album is very different than anything else out there,” Tiësto tells Billboard. “It’s basically custom-made for the big festivals and for the big stadium shows. It’s like, when I play for 40,000 people, this is what I want to hear. The stuff on this album is what I want to play, and the crowd I see over there [in China] inspires me and us to make this style of music.”

“I wanted to really bring back the feeling I get when I’m onstage, back into the music. I really tried to create an album that represents the feeling literally when you’re DJing live.”

Clublife Vol. 5, China will serve as the soundtrack to Tiësto’s Chinese tour that kicks off in Shanghai on October 13th!

Tiësto – Clublife Vol. 5 – China

Source: Billboard | Photo via Rukes.com