Dillon Francis is hyping up his forthcoming single in a strange yet delicious way…

Just check out hellothere.org, which is completely dedicated to playing a teaser of his new song on a loop while a middle aged man with welcoming eyes munches on a pineapple and happily lip synchs the verse.

Posters for “Hello There” have also been seen going up in major cities, tweeted out by artists asking, “What the eff is going on?”

“Hello There” by Dillon Francis featuring Yung Pinch is out everywhere tomorrow, or t-minus 21 hours if you’re counting down the exact hours on the website. Tropical, carefree vibes are alive with this one and we can’t wait to hear the producer’s little slice of paradise!

This fruity teaser goes to show that Francis is the king of silly yet effective promos!

“Hello There” Drops Tomorrow


Photo via Rukes.com