Just over a month after the horrific death at Burning Man after a man jumped into raging flames during an annual ceremony, there’s a report of another fire-related incident at Mushroom Valley Festival in Mackay.

The 21-year-old woman allegedly wandered off from the music festival grounds, and was found at a campsite nearby where she proceeded to jump into a fire — three different times.

She was returned to the festival to seek medical treatment before being flown to a hospital in Brisbane. Her serious condition has been attributed to burns and being cut by barbed wire.

According to a report from The Daily Mercury, the French tourist was under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug at the time, though exactly what drug(s) is uncertain at this time.

Mushroom Valley Festival is a relatively small three-day festival, which capped out at 1,500 people and had a strict no-drug policy. The music festival saw the weekend through without any more serious medical emergencies, and organiser Ben Irving adds his festivals in the past have been incident free.

“We were presented with a situation and we dealt with it in the most professional manner that we could,” he said. “Accidents happen all the time and that was something that we couldn’t have controlled.

“All we can do is create the safest space we can and have all the services that we can to keep people safe. It’s still hard to control everybody and an incident like that, especially if they’ve left the festival.”

Mushroom Valley – Official Statement

The organisers of Mushroom Valley and the entire festival community wish to express their sympathies for the young lady injured on Saturday night after leaving the festival. The safety of festival patrons is always our highest priority and all efforts are made to create a safe gathering space, and so it is a disappointment for us to have an incident like this occur.

The coordinated response to this incident from the festival’s paramedics, local ambulance and the RACQ rescue helicopter was highly professional with a helicopter arriving within an hour of the organisers becoming aware of the young lady’s injuries and we would like to thank everyone involved in the response.

On Sunday night, the closing ceremony was dedicated to the young lady, with festival organisers taking the time to inform attendees of what had occurred, and remind them of the importance of self-care, looking after your mates, the risks involved in drug use, and the importance of road safety.

The festival was otherwise a total success with approximately 1500 people enjoying 3 days of music, art and nature in a happy and safe environment and no other major incidents.


Source: Music Feeds, The Daily Mercury | Photo via Mushroom Valley Festival