While most people in the country think Halloween is celebrated in the streets, there are those of us who feel that the holiday is best recognized in the clubs – the dark, loud, and seemingly random collection of people who will celebrate with us.

This year, there are perhaps no better clubs in the country to celebrate Halloween than Omnia, Hakkasan, and JEWEL in Las Vegas. Beyond their own state-of-the-art production, these clubs will be ramping up the scary and spooky for the holidays.

Hakkasan will completely transform its interior to reflect a more medieval theme through a variety of different features, including custom castle-like banners hanging from the mezzanine level to mirror a royal setting, along with several surprise visuals and production elements. Dancers and staff will also be decked out in themed costumes to encapsulate the illusion of a medieval affair, which will further set the mood for the Halloween weekend.

Hakkasan will feature performances from Kaskase, Above & Beyond, Steve Aoki and Lil Jon.

OMNIA will feature a “Phantom” theme to make every guest feel like they’re in the middle of an old-fashion horror film. With a single long stem rose placed on every VIP table, staff dressed in seductive all black ensembles with phantom face paint, different lighting and technological features to enhance the mood of the nightclub, and a surprise show moment to wow partygoers, the nighttime hot spot will truly embody the classic Halloween theme. OMNIA’s lineup will be headed by Calvin Harris, Zedd, and Kaskade.

Lastly, for a true horror experience, JEWEL will embody a terrifying killer-clown theme; the premier venue will be transformed in a variety of different ways to capture the “It’s Halloween Weekend” essence. The theme will be captured through special touches such as a single red balloon on every table, images of stormy skies with lighting and a floating balloon being projected on JEWEL’s defining LED entry way staircase, and the disco balls being bathed in blood red lighting. Additionally, male staff members will be dressed in the iconic yellow raincoat, with the cocktail waitresses adorned in tomboy ensembles reminiscent of the hit movie. FAED and Steve Aoki will be responsible for charging the atmosphere.

Halloween festivities start this weekend, so if you haven’t cemented your plans yet, get moving!


Sponsored by Hakkasan Group