Laura Brehm and Ephixa are a match made in heaven.

Though Ephixa and Brehm have both spent some years working with the same label (Monstercat), their combined debut – “Losing You” – came as a huge surprise to many of their respective followers, including myself. Prior to 2016, Ephixa had been widely known for his obnoxious brand of dubstep, so hearing light & pretty – yet still rhythmically complex – progressive house music from the producer was extremely refreshing, and Brehm’s gorgeous vocals brought that production to even greater heights.

Pushing past the bounds of the “EDM vocalist” tag, Brehm launched her own record label – Electric Bird Records – earlier this year. While all the releases on the label so far have been her own, Brehm has still featured a slew of great remixers and collaborators, including Rameses B, Evoke and Elliot Berger. Ephixa even made an appearance on the label with an irresistible indie dance remix of Brehm’s song “Parallel.”

With this being said, it is a great honor to be able to premiere “Deja Vu,” the second official collaboration between these two talents. The track sees Ephixa continuing down the house path in a similar way to his song “Skyforth” (from the Rocket League soundtrack), but with a distinctly stronger groove and fresh vocal chops to top everything off. As always, Brehm’s vocals really soar, elevating the production to its maximum potential.

Listen to “Deja Vu” below, out tomorrow: