It’s happening again. Taylor Swift is throwing more shade Calvin Harris‘ way.

Her fanbase, lovingly referred to as Swifties, have this crazy superpower ability in which they can decode her cryptic messages in a flash. This time around the teaser for her new music video “…Ready For It,” which comes out tonight, looks like it might be taking a direct jab at Taylor’s ex-boyfriend. Particularly the entire scenario in which she ghostwrote lyrics to one of his most famous songs featuring Rihanna, and it blew up into a he said, she said drama.

The album art for “This Is What You Came For” strikes an obvious resemblance to the dark skies and lightning at the beginning of the new music video. Sure, lightning strikes all the time, but it also strikes “every time she moves.” Get it?

Every move Taylor Swift takes is extremely intentional, so we wouldn’t be surprised if these Swifties were right. Swift’s entire album reputation seems to be riddled with subtle digs at the producer and her other ex-boyfriends. Her shade directed at Calvin includes a lyric in her newest song “Gorgeous,” Easter eggs in the music video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” and of course, lines in “Are You Ready For It?

Check it out…

Taylor Swift – “…Ready For It?” – Trailer


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