Considering his incredibly enlightening and entertaining take on the launch of Apple‘s iPhone X, Dillon Francis was the perfect person to enlist in for this new episode of Crunch Report.

His future in tech journalism looks bright, as he tackles subjects like MacBook sleeves, Walmart robots, and of course, iPhone X pre-orders. Although he talked some mad smack about Face ID during the keynote — Dillon admits he’s hooked on Apple products.

“I’m stuck in the Apple sphere. I’m in their pocket. I’m in the ecosystem. I can’t get out of it,” he explains.

Speaking of which, the brand’s highly anticipated iPhone X pre-orders are finally live, but don’t expect to get them on Apple’s official November 3rd launch date. According to Crunch Report, the “entry level” smartphone devices start at $1,000 and are expected to take 5-6 weeks for delivery.

Watch as Dillon proves once again he’s a true natural on camera, and offers some hilarious commentary on this week’s leading tech stories!

Dillon Francis Talks iPhone X and More On Crunch Report


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