This is the story of the most 2017 way to ever be fired, as told by a former Apple employee’s daughter…

Brooke Amelia Peterson, an aspiring blogger, posted a vlog to her YouTube channel last week in which she revealed more than she was supposed to about the hottest smartphone on the market, the iPhone X.

Peterson was visiting her father on Apple’s campus when she recorded the video of his device. Although she wasn’t setting out to leak information across the tech stratosphere, the upload was soon found its way onto sites like 9to5Mac and inevitably went viral.

It seemed like an innocent, inside look at the new iPhone X, but the footage of the device included special employee-only QR codes and notes that appeared to divulge further information about top secret Apple products. All big no-nos, obviously. Apple enforces a strict no-filming policy on its campus, so doing so and adding an unreleased iPhone X into the mix was a sure violation of the rule.

Once Apple caught wind of the viral video, Peterson was asked to yank the footage and her father, an Apple engineer, was fired. The employee’s daughter serves up another hand-on video below, this time explaining the repercussions of her viral iPhone X vlog.

“Apple let him go. At the end of the day, when you work for Apple, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are, if you break a rule they just have no tolerance.”

iPhone X Video Goes Viral


Source: The Verge