Avicii has teamed up with PS4 for a new video game Invector, a rhythmic experience ready for takeoff!

The producer’s recent, instant classic “Without You” plays out in the trailer below, as the colorful world of Invector is unveiled for the very first time. The self-proclaimed “rhythm game” is all about “syncing obstacles, pickups and other elements to each track.”

Invector promises to be a must play for “hardcore rhythm game fanatics,” but also enjoyable for music lovers who are only casually interested in gaming. The newly announced video game allows players to “fly solo or party with friends” as they embark on missions involving the melodies, rhythms, harmonies, beats and vocals of each track.

In a press release, PS4 explained how Avicii came into the picture:

“Avicii gave us access to his awesome music and his creative input regarding the overall experience of the game. This was extra valuable when we explored aspects of playing with friends, and in creating that feeling of partying at a concert with your closest mates.”

The game boasts dynamic feedback within the graphics as the given player’s performance and the song’s BPM shape the world around the rhythm. Watch below to get a feel for Invector!

Avicii x PS4