A massive international drug bust carried out by Turkish anti-narcotics police has resulted in the confiscation of 2.55 million ecstasy tablets.

The drugs were intercepted in “simultaneous operations” across Istanbul, Kırklareli and Edirne provinces — in what is being described as Turkey’s largest drug bust ever. Istanbul police were initially tipped off that a shipment from the Netherlands would be distributed throughout the country.

Sure enough, the truck came through and was taken under surveillance as it entered Turkey. Police monitored the route to find people involved in smuggling, and tracked the shipment all the way to the buyer. Searches were carried out at various addresses and five suspects were detained in connection to the drug move.

And ecstasy wasn’t the only drug found in the raid… According to reports, “56 kilograms of heroin, 120 kilograms of skunk cannabis, five kilograms of opium gum, 600 kilograms of cocaine” were also seized.


H/T: MixMag | Source: Daily Sabah | Photo: DHA Photo