Gouls, goblins, sexy black cats, and everyone else looking for a soundtrack for Halloween night — look no further, because Diskord has you covered!

The electronic duo out of Bristol UK have championed many sides of bass music including trap, future bass, and bass house and have collaborated with everyone from Zeds Dead to Flux Pavilion to Krewella. In other words, they can be trusted with curating the most banging Halloween playlist as darkness falls across the land!

These guys absolutely love horror flicks, and have been known to mix in elements and imagery from movies like Nightcrawler, Evil Dead, Boogie Nights and more into their own work. So not only are these guys exclusively bringing Your EDM their ultimate Halloween-inspired playlist, but also Diskord’s favorite spooky films and quotes to go along with each track.

Check out the playlist below and be sure to let us know your favorite tracks to play out this Halloween!

Diskord’s Halloween Playlist

1. NGHTMRE – “Elm St.”

“1,2 Freddy’s coming for you!” The monstrous first release from one of our favourite producers NGHTMRE. If you like your films gory Nightmare on Elm Street is most definitely for the film for you!!

2. Yellow Claw & GRX & Cesqeaux – “Psycho”

“We all go a little mad sometimes.” Sinister vibes from the Dutch bad boys Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux. Psycho is also one of our favourite films. The shower scene alone is legendary! A classic, Hitchcock wrote the rule book.

3. REZZ x Raito – “Alien”

“In space no one can hear you scream.” Loving this eerie Electro smasher from REZZ & Ratio. Alien was arguably Ridley Scott’s finest moment and still one of the creepiest films out there.

4. Underworld – “Born Slippy”

“Time to die.” Stone cold classic from the legendary Underworld. More about the track than the film on this one (…but Kate Beckinsale tho’).

5. The Prodigy – “Omen”

“Look Damien, it’s all for you.” Had to include something from our biggest influencers The Prodigy. The Omen had to make an appearance in our list of top ten horrors, some of the most memorable deaths in cinema history.

6. Mampi Swift – “Jaws”

“DUN DUN DUN….. DUN DUN DUN.” Old school classic from British royalty Mampi Swift. As far as these type of horror/thriller films go none have ever topped Jaws. An absolute masterpiece from Spielberg!

7. DJ Snake – “Thriller”

“Darkness falls across the land.” No Halloween top ten is complete without this banger from MJ. Thriller, the king of pops groundbreaking music video still retains its spot as one of the greatest music videos of all time.

8. Zatox & Nikkita – “Poltergeist” (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)

“They’re here.” Absolute heater from the king of festival trap Carnage. As for the film, has anyone ever watched this one and had a good nights sleep? (nb. we’re talking about the 1982 version)

9. SKREAM – “Midnight Request Line”

“You like scary movies?” If it wasn’t for our boy Skream we wouldn’t be making bass music, fact. If it wasn’t for Wes Craven we wouldn’t have the modern slasher, fact.

10. Labrinth – “Earthquake” ft. Tinie Tempah

“The power of voodoo, who do? You do”… We miss Bowie. That is all.