Apple‘s iPhone X is being called the “smartphone of the future” — but the company has unconventionally switched up its preview strategy for what’s being billed as the “most important new iPhone in years.”

Only a small amount of testers were given the opportunity to preview the iPhone X for a full week, according to reports. While more celebrities and YouTube personalities were granted exclusive access early on, tech columnists and publications like the Wall Street Journal were limited to just the past 24 hours or so.

BuzzFeed, TechCrunch and Mashable were lucky enough to get a full week in with the iPhone X, according to WSJ, while traditional outlets like the Washington Post, the Verge, and USA Today have resorted to “crash reviews” only published within the last several hours. Telegraph and the Independent in the United Kingdom and outlets in Japan, China, Australia and other countries were also granted a week.

This “unusual change in strategy means latest phone got less testing than most of its predecessors before reviews could be published,” as pointed out by the WSJ.

So what gives with this unusual strategy? Research analyst Jan Dawson says, “It’s possible Apple wanted some reviews out early and those would be the more enthusiastic ones.”

“Unless Apple felt like there would be some bad elements in the reviews, why would you hold back? Why would you be selective about who gets it first?”

Good point. Soon, we’ll know exactly how people really feel about Apple’s new iPhone X, because advance preorders began last week and shipments are expected to begin in November. For $999, it could be yours.


Source: Wall Street Journal