The iPhone X is such a hot commodity, a truckload of the devices were just targeted in a huge heist — totaling $300,000 worth of Apple‘s “most important” smartphone to date.

Starting at $999 a pop, that’s over 300 iPhone X devices stolen in total, straight out of the back of a UPS truck. According to local news reports, the suspects jumped the truck while it was parked outside an Apple Store in San Francisco. It all went down in a flash, between 11:15am and 11:30am PT Wednesday morning.

Police are still searching for the masterminds behind the thievery. They are described as three “husky” men wearing hoodies and reportedly took off in a white Dodge van with the large shipment of iPhone X devices.

Police believe the heist was premeditated, and these guys knew exactly what they were looking for.

“Given the dollar value in the incident itself it appears it was planned,” San Francisco Police Department Captain Rick Yick said.

Police and Apple do not encourage anyone to buy the iPhone X from a third party source, but those who do deal with a suspicious transaction is asked to report it, in hopes IMEI serial numbers can lead authorities to the suspects.

And we thought the dude who stole 100 iPhones at Coachella was bad enough…


H/T: The Verge | Source: CBS San Francisco