Even though many dance music producers have made their own success having never taken any formal music training, a background in music is never a bad thing. Starting piano lessons at age 5 and violin at 11, then teaching himself how to use a DAW and continuously learning new production techniques, Folded Dragons is a producer to contend with.

At only 19 years old, his sound is already full and mature, evoking entire soundscapes and fantasty worlds. His obsession from a young age with dragons and the mystical has permeated his music in every fiber, even remixes like this one of Rosendale’s “Fairytale.”

The title of the original is no coincidence to Folded Dragons, as it plays directly off of his aesthetic and branding. The soft piano notes meld effortlessly with the scintillating vocals, playing directly into the melodic and powerful drop.

Definitely be on the lookout for Folded Dragons in 2018.