Arijit Singh, while not a name many will know in the US, is massively popular in India. With over 17 million followers, he’s one of the nation’s biggest names in music. His song “Tum Hi Ho,” released in 2013, has amassed nearly 175 million views on YouTube alone – it’s a beautiful ballad that makes minimal use of piano, drums and other instruments to create a truly vocal-focused piece.

When Gareth Emery got his hands on the original, it turned into something even more beautiful. With the introduction of a dance music producer’s mastering, some new piano chords, a trance rhythm and some re-arrangement, “Tum Hi Ho” has transcended the Indian market and has the potential to become an absolute classic.

This is the kind of trance that even a basshead like myself can appreciate, for its sheer beauty. Listen to Gareth Emery’s remix of “Tum Hi Ho” below.


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