RL Grime has been slowly but surely teasing fans with glimpses into his forthcoming Nova project (as seen here and here). Considering his already well underway Nova Tour, such IDs were to be expected, but fans definitely weren’t ready for this…

During his recent NYC performance, RL Grime put his spin on Porter Robinson and Madeon‘s instant classic “Shelter.” For some, this is one of those untouchable songs better left alone, but when left to RL Grime, he turned the song into an extra special live version with an amped up drop.

Redditor Dyr0nejk2 was there to capture the moment and upload to r/EDM for our viewing pleasure. As another user points out, “It’s not a shelter remix, it’s a song off of his album that he put the shelter acapella over.” It sounds like he’s right.

Regardless, the mutual energy and excitement shared across the entire crowd when RL Grime plays out this version of “Shelter” with an all new ID can be heard loud and clear below!

Shelter – RL Grime “Remix”

RL Grime ID