What So Not is on some insanely next level sh*t, and we’re down for the ride!

The trap producer has been dropping IDs left and right recently (listen here and here), and the new material just keeps coming.¬†For WSN’s latest release, the producer gives Awolnation‘s “Run” an extreme trap upgrade with the help of Quix. Together, these two transform the alternative rock song into an intensified banger — absolutely destroying the remix and anything that stands in its way.

This version of “Run” has been playing out during What So Not’s sets for some time, and he knows exactly how each drop plays out in a crowd.

“Drop 1 = Stank face. Drop 2 = Increased stank face + furious trap arms,” he says.

Personally having seen just how wild the crowd gets when the WSN x Quix – “Run” remix is played, I can confirm this to be true. It’s the also type of track that provokes your friend to grasp your arm tightly and ask, “What the hell was that?!” though perhaps with some more colorful language.

Check out “Run” below, but just be prepared to lose your mind. Plus, What So Not is offering this amazing song as a free download so get it here!

Run (What So Not & Quix Remix)


Photo via Rukes.com