Ekali is one of the most famed new producers on the rise, and he’s helping other aspiring artists get to that same level.

His new single “Past Life” with Opia, Porter Robinson “Language” remix with Quix, unreleased track with ZHU, and banging original “Babylon,” which has been remixed by Skrillex, Party Thieves and more, are all sure signs that Ekali is a mainstay in electronic music.

Ekali isn’t about to make it to the top alone, though. The producer recently handed out his Ekali Edit Pack III for fans wanting to add flavor to their own sets. His mashups include “Akira x Be Together,” “Alamo x Shelter,” and “Ought x Interbloom,” and his pack also offers “Kick Dem D’s Up,” “Killing Lucy’s Place,” and “Neverbloom.”

Download the Ekali Edit Pack III here!

Soon after releasing these free tracks to the public, Ekali followed up with some key factors that go into playing a good DJ set. Have fun, mix in key, avoid clashing vocals, only tempo up, and use only four instruments at a time. These steps seem to be working effectively for him!

Shoutout to Ekali for keeping it real with the great advice and DJ tools!