It’s all too common these days to hear productions that try to cram as many sounds into 210 seconds as possible. With the advent of the digital audio workstations, music is no longer technically limited to how many chords you can physically play, only the CPU power of your computer. So when an artist strips back the music to let elements shine through, it’s a breath of fresh air for sure.

Le Malls has been dropping releases consistently this whole year, but he’s looking to end 2017 on a high note with “Touch” featuring the intensely unique vocals of Imogen Mahdavi. Le Malls comments that “the idea of this track was to make something different to everything that everyone is currently listening to but make it accessible to everyone around the world.”

He continues, “I hate it when people give me a direction to compose music into a genre because it’s the easy way to place my music. If I just write what I feel I hope that people will believe in the music and it doesn’t matter what genre or style I am composing in.”

Touch” is out tomorrow on Trap City – stream it below.