I’d honestly almost given up on dubstep this year. As a listener of the genre since 2009, my tastes have shifted so far away from bass music for the most part because everyone is making the same thing. So when someone does put out something apart from the norm, you can consider my interest definitely piqued.

Double drops are common at shows – for those of you unaware of the term, essentially it’s when a DJ will overlay the drops of two songs on top of each other to create a natural polyrhythm while playing with the high, mid and low notes to successfully EQ the songs together. What’s more rare, or hardly ever done at all, is to produce a double drop within a single song, and yet that’s just what Ryoji Takahashi has done with “MenTama Baaan.”

The entire track isn’t a double drop, that would be boring. The first drop is your typical tear out dubstep rhythm, but even this “typical” drop has an edge of creativity and impeccable sound design to it. Then following it up with a small jaunt of future bass, and an almost 8-bit bridge keeps things interesting. And then… then we get to the truly unique part of this song. I won’t spoil it, in part because I don’t want to ruin the surprise and also because I simply don’t have the words for it.

Listen to “MenTama Baaan” for yourself below.