Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Moby, JusticeKraftwerk… If you’ve ever wanted to hear some of the most “significant and influential” songs in EDM all in one spot, this new Spotify playlist is a good start!

Reddit user flabbernugget via r/electronicmusic took the reigns on creating an eclectic mix of electronic music, with songs that forever influenced the broad and ever-evolving genre. From Bonobo to Flying Lotus, The Prodigy to Radiohead, Danny Brown to Charli XCX — there is definitely and interesting variety of music in the collection titled “Classy Electronic.”

This playlist is meant for two people, flabbernugget explains:

  1. Anyone who loves the electronic music that has made a major impact on the genre we all love.
  2. Anyone who has been wondering about the deeper side of electronic music, but doesn’t know where to start. It’s a very daunting a task considering there aren’t too many obvious places to find solid recommendations so I’ve made it my best effort to choose songs from all of what I consider to be the best electronic albums to date. So everything on the list could also be considered a fat album recommendation.

Although it’s a good start, there are some very profound artists missing from this list. As another Reddit user points out — does this playlist really contain the most influential EDM music without including Skrillex, Martin Garrix, or The Chainsmokers?

Another criticism among Redditors: it seems the curator chose to hone in on some IDM or “intelligent dance music” rather than the all-encompassing EDM / electronic music the playlist claims. Hopefully some critical adds will only make the collection stronger.

The curator is taking recommendations for adds… What would you like to hear on the playlist?

Influential EDM Songs


Source: r/electronicmusic | Photo: Moments things / Robin Böttcher