Steve Aoki didn’t choose EDM… EDM chose him.

The 39-year-old world renowned DJ/producer admittedly says he never thought his career would follow a path in dance music. In fact, he says the DJ lifestyle can be hindering when it comes to getting his message across, because his real desire involves changing the world for the better.

He recently opened up to GQ Magazine:

“This whole arena-filling DJ, electronic musical thing wasn’t supposed to happen. Not at all. I grew up in Miami but moved to Newport Beach, then enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I was a straight edge, vegan punk and a committed activist. I took women’s studies and sociology and went on demos, playing guitar in basements to 20 people. I wanted to change things. I’ve encountered my fair share of prejudice and racism on my way through life and addressing those injustices has long been a passion. Listen, I get it — it’s harder to do that when stood in front on 10,000 people in a club who just want to get their rocks off. But I keep it in mind.”

Between throwing cakes and playing bangers, Aoki still finds plenty of time to make a difference. He recently joined OMNIA Nightclub and other DJs to raise over 1 million dollars for the Las Vegas Victims Fund. Aoki also took a knee to stand up against racism. Just to mention a couple of his noble ventures.

As for his shows, they get pretty crazy:

“I do some champagne spraying from the podium. At times, I get into a life raft and crowd surf across the floor on a sea of hands. That’s pretty crazy. And then there’s the cakes. People love the cakes.”


Source: The List | Photo via