Aspiring producers can learn a great deal from the creative processes of the greats before them — especially that of such a masterful artist as KSHMR!

The Lessons of KSHMR are out now on YouTube via Splice, in a free music production series fans can dive right into. KSHMR begins with an analysis of music theory, teaching minor scales and the understanding of chords.

From there, he covers a variety of electronic music production tactics. KSHMR walks through his process for writing melodies, shares tips and tricks for vocal mixing, advanced reverb tricks and so much more. KSHMR also explores his Serum preset pack available via Splice and creates a cinematic soundtrack around his sounds.

Using his electrifying single “Dharma” and many other tracks, he shares how to properly mix the orchestral and ethnic instruments he’s known for, and how to create a memorable drop.

For anyone interested in electronic music production, from beginners, to advanced, to even professional — everyone can take away something from KSHMR! Get caught up on all the Lessons of KSHMR tutorials on Splice’s YouTube channel. Also, check out Sounds of KSHMR pack via Splice here.

Lessons of KSHMR


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