After an 11-month hiatus with Monstercat, Puppet is back on the label once again with a new tune and some newfound confidence.

While Puppet has always worn his punk rock influences on his sleeve in his music (especially “Killing Giants” from his most recent EP), things finally come full circle with “Bigger Picture,” a track that sees Puppet finally let those influences run completely wild.

Punk rock is a genre that doesn’t historically give much attention to making sure vocals are clean and pretty, and Puppet definitely embodies that ideology with “Bigger Picture.” While he has sang in past Monstercat releases, he hasn’t done much more than vocoder, backing vocals or small lyric segments. This time around, Puppet has completely taken the lead, with his vocals more raw and unfiltered than ever before.

This big change is even reflected in the lyrics of the song, with Puppet singing “I found my place in the world, tell me you found me.” For the first time ever, the East Coaster seems to have total confidence in all aspects as a musician, from vocals to guitar to production.

Along for the ride is the ultra-talented Foria, who collaborated with Puppet previously on the song “I’m Here.” The youthful producer does an incredible job complementing Puppet’s optimistic attitude with his bright, euphoric indie dance stylings.

Check out the music video for “Bigger Picture” and download the track below:

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