You’d never think of DJs as part of a subgroup of people who push themselves to their physical limit, but we’re here today to tell you you’re wrong. Techno DJs in particular are known for putting on some of the longest sets in the industry, but playing for over 24 hours is grueling and difficult.

Still, Joseph Capriati managed to play 25 hours 30 minutes this past weekend at Heart Nightclub in Miami.

According to Capriati himself, he came to the club with the intention of playing a marathon set, but surprised even himself when he just kept going and going… he also apparently broke his own personal record for longest set, however long that was

Joseph Capriati at Heart Nightclub

Did we say monster? Because that's what Joseph Capriati is on the decks right now on our Patio! This is real techno – and this is how we do it at Heart!

Posted by Heart Nightclub on Sunday, November 19, 2017

We're breaking records tonight! Joseph Capriati still going and no one is stopping him! Free admission #HumansAlike #HeartNightclub #FromTheSouth

Posted by Heart Nightclub on Sunday, November 19, 2017

Props to this man for putting his body to the limit and showing what a true musical curator is capable of.


Photo via Moments things | Robin Böttcher