Having already premiered a Holy Ship! 2018 mix from Luttrell, we’re back again with one of Holy Ship!’s unsung heroes: Subset. This NY producer currently living in Seattle has garnered something of a cult following on Holy Ship! due to his magnetic personality, on-ship antics and incredible sets.

As a DJ, he’s challenged himself for years and years and has shown that his abilities are on par or better than many of the main stage DJs you’ll see at festivals. From his track selection down to his actual technical skills on the mixers, watching Subset do his thing is a privilege.

Even in just a promo mix for a festival cruise, Subset crafts a world. “I cut up a speech by David Marquet, a nuclear submarine captain talking about leadership,” he says of the mix. “Bits and pieces are sprinkled throughout the mix to form a sort of story. I’m trying to find a way to use music to inspire others, and I think that some people will walk away from this mix with something they can use in their lives.”

Check it out below.