Even while he’s in the midst of a massive tour, San Holo (and his team) have found time to launch a new radio series with his label bitbird. While you can expect all of the newest bitbird releases and biggest unreleased tunes, the platform is also a way for San Holo (and any other guest presenters) to show what they’re into at the moment.

“I decided to start this radio show because I always get so excited hearing new music, and this is a great way to share all these new finds with you guys. And, of course, this is going to be a great way to tell you about all the upcoming bitbird releases,” he says in the mix’s introduction.

For this mix, with the exception of just two or three tracks, everything is either San Holo or bitbird. With mixes in the future, you can likely count on a bit more diversity and maybe even some different styles.

Check out Episode #001 below.

San Holo Presents: bitbird radio #001

Full tracklist: 1001.tl/2j7kllzk


Photo via Rukes.com