Ever since the whole “airport reggae” thing came to light, it seems every Diplo interview requires some Rihanna talk — and she has become the focus yet again.

In promotion of Major Lazer‘s new documentary Give Me Future, Diplo discusses many topics with VICELAND‘s Desus & MeroDiplo talks what it was like shooting in Cuba, the eclectic music the group was exposed to while filming, and the amazing people they met along the way.

He even admits he has a “wack name,” and that he’d prefer to change it. The producer also reveals some new artists he’s working with, talks What Would Diplo Do? and so much more. There are a lot of good takeaways in the video below, but let’s skip to Rihanna, shall we?

When Desus & Mero asked which artist he’d love to work with, he has to say it — Rihanna. Diplo’s now famous quote from GQ Style is also brought up:

“I played her a song. And she was like, This sounds like a reggae song at an airport. [laughs] I was like, I’m gonna go kill myself.”

Now, he says they’ve exchanged ideas, and between them it’s all good.

“For me she’s the coolest current artist that’s able to be a good influence for girls. She takes chances. She represents the Caribbean. She’s fashionable. She runs her own company. She’s the truest artist that we have in this era right now,” Diplo says.

It’s true, Rihanna is a rare gem of an artist that should be cherished and Diplo will be the first one to tell you that. Rihanna, please just work with him already — he’s gushing about you!

Diplo Talks Rihanna (Again)


Photo via Rukes.com