Police are investigating the death of a 28-year-old South Bay music producer by the name of Omar Medina after a gruesome discovery…

On October 12 a decomposing body, later determined to be that of Medina, was found stuffed inside a sealed barrel secured to the bottom of the San Diego Bay. A diver found the 55-gallon drum attached to a chain, weighted down by a concrete block.

That same day, Albert Molina was reportedly circulating missing-persons fliers and feared the remains were that of his friend Medina, who was last seen on September 30. According to a source, Molina said that he had reported Medina missing.

Six days after the barrel was discovered, the body was identified. However, the name was withheld from the public to avoid compromising the ongoing homicide investigation — until now.

Chula Vista Police have not released further details on the case, but have confirmed they will do so when it “no longer affects the investigation.”

No arrests have yet been made in connection to the death.

Source: FOX San Diego