Tinder and Bumble have nothing on the online dating market — at least for those into techno music!

Techno Dating is all about that minimalist, industrial kind of love that resonates deep in your soul. Ya know, like the genre?

It’s the worst when you can’t share and enjoy music with your significant other. Now every techno snob can meet their match with Techno Dating. While apps like Mix’d offer similar social services and dating that revolves around all types of EDM artists and festivals, Techno Dating is designed especially with techno fans in mind.

The UK-based dating website is somewhat elusive, with little information other than three easy steps: 1) send and receive messages 2) upload and share photos and 3) meet in person. It’s as simple as that!

Techno Dating also directs users to new music forums, group chats, and upcoming shows — for meeting the techno lover of your dreams in real life!


More info: TechnoDating.uk | Photo: Cory J Photography