Electronic music and hip hop meet halfway with this exquisitely blended, futuristic production from INZO!

For “Visionaries,” the aspiring Chicago producer Michael Inzano, better known in short as INZO, takes the lead on the positively energized vibes. The track features heavy synths, melodic tones, and crisp percussion whilst Novet offers up a ridiculously smooth rap delivery — all of which set “Visionaries” apart from anything we’ve heard lately.

Drawing influences from well-established greats like Flume and Illenium, INZO clearly has amazing taste but also an artistic vision all his own. The future looks bright for both the producer and Novet, with this collaboration and their own ventures yet to come. 

“Style isn’t just one thing, its multifaceted. Everyone has their own way of doing things, especially visionaries who create something original that doesn’t quite exist yet. This song itself shows my vision… combining hip hop and electronic aspects along with unique sound design.” – Novet & INZO

Listen to the so fresh, so clean release “Visionaries” and it’s undeniable, laid back swagger right here!

INZO – Visionaries (feat. Novet)

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