Fans have been waiting for this since the first NGHTMRE EP last year, and we’ve finally got it. NGHTMRE’s newest EP, simply titled NGHTMRE, Pt. II, is a solid evolutionary step in the production styles of the producer. With collaborations on every track, from “On The Run” with PASSEPORT to “Another Dimension” with Dillon Francis, NGHTMRE teams up with the best of the best.

It’s sometimes seen as a weakness for a producer when there are collaborations on every track, but NGHTMRE’s sound is still so clearly recognizable in each and every one that no one could possibly say that here. That being said, each featured artist definitely brings their own talents to the table. PASSEPORT is a relatively new artist who’s just starting to make a mark on social media, so seeing them on a major EP like this is both surprising and refreshing, in the sense of taking on a new artist.

“The Killer” features Bret James and RNSOM, two more relatively unknown artists. Aside from the Dillon Francis collab for obvious reasons, this is our favorite track on the EP. The off-kilter sounds in the drop combined with the fantastic vocals and vibe create a great atmosphere

You’ve already heard the hip hop collab “No Coming Down” with Alex Wiley and Sky Montique, relying heavily on vocals and flow for a majority of the track.

Finally, NGHTMRE’s new collaboration with Dillon Francis, “Another Dimension,” ends the EP. The track wastes no time in pumping up the energy and laying down an ridiculous drop, but does it live up to “Need You”? Or does it even have to… you be the judge. But, god damn, that second drop!



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