Just weeks after releasing the melodic trap stunner “Eclipse,” Mr. Lucas Rego (better know as Lookas) is back with some fresh new heat.

Well, maybe “heat” isn’t quite the best word to describe “Alarm,” Lookas’ long-awaited collaboration with Krewella. Considering the two names behind the track (as well as its title), “Alarm” is surprisingly chill and reserved, relying on the use of tender electric guitar plucks and warm vocals rather than a mind-boggling bass drop.

While this change in tone might be a little drastic for some Lookas fans, those with really keen ears might hear some similarities to Krewella’s “Be There,” which was coincidentally co-written and produced by Lookas in the same session as “Alarm.”

Since Lookas’ EP is being released through Monstercat, Krewella has officially landed back on the label that the duo got their start on back in 2012. Excluding features, “Alarm” marks the first time Krewella has released an original on Monstercat since their debut “Killin’ It.” It may have taken them nearly six years to come back, but we’re honestly just glad it happened.

Listen to “Alarm” and download the track below:

Support on all platforms: Monstercat.lnk.to/Alarm