Ever wonder what it’d be like if Excision made house music? Well, now we have a feel for that kind of sound thanks to JOYRYDE!

As one of the biggest names in bass house music, JOYRYDE was able to seamlessly remix Excision‘s beast of a track “Throwin’ Elbows” into something totally unexpected for his crowd of RYDERS. The producer’s flip takes the best attributes of the original drop and completely transforms the headbanger vibe into an equally hard hitting, bass house banger!

The Excision track blends extremely well with JOYRYDE’s already high energy set. So well that we’re hoping a full version finds its way onto SoundCloud sometime soon.

We cued up to the exact moment when JOYRYDE dropped his version of “Throwin’ Elbows” at Sun City Music Festival… Check it out below!

Joyryde Flips Excision “Throwin’ Elbows”


Photo via Rukes.com