Here’s a random thought — What if “Wolves” by Marshmello and Selena Gomez was released years ago? ANGEMI has the answer!

The producer reconstructed today’s massive EDM/pop hit into a few different versions that would fit the ’80s, ’00s, and the very specific year of 2013, as well as an alternative version for 2017.

Each remix of “Wolves” carries its own distinct vibes. The ’80s rework of “Wolves” dives deep into a retro soundscape, while the ’00s version has a Tiësto-esque way about it. Jump to 2013 and the track becomes even more daring before being transformed into a future bass track that’s worthy of an official remix.

Which is your favorite version?

ANGEMI Remixes Wolves


WHAT IF "WOLVES" BY MARSHMELLO & SELENA GOMEZ WAS MADE YEARS AGO?** Tag a Friend & Share if you liked it **All remixes are made by ANGEMIplease support the artist by following this page or Instagram @angemimusic

Posted by ANGEMI on Friday, December 1, 2017


All remixes are made by ANGEMI