One of the most important tools in a DJ’s arsenal is probably one you don’t think about very often, but their career wouldn’t be half of what it is without it. It’s the airplane. Okay, it’s not exclusively a DJ’s tool or whatnot, but imagine a DJ only playing one New Year’s Eve show… scary, right?

Well, a glitch in the system American Airlines uses to schedule time off for pilots could cause some major issues for DJs during the holidays. According to the Allied Pilots Association union, the system was green-lighting every request for PTO during the holidays, meaning that thousands of flights will be left captainless. An estimated 15,000 flights between December 17th and December 31st have been affected. Assuming a capacity of 200 people per flight, that’s 3 million seats (15,000 x 200).

The glitch has since been patched, and American Airlines has offered pilots up to 150 percent of their normal hourly wages to work over the holidays, but the union says that would go against the union’s overtime rules.

So any DJs reading this who are looking to travel in the second half of December, start drawing up some contingency plans if your flight ends up cancelled.


via Gizmodo