Before you read any further, we have to note: these art pieces are not made with actual ecstasy pills. So if you’re thinking, “Oh, this is a new legal way to buy my pills! Let me order 12!” Just stop right now…

That being said, the artist known as Chemical X made a name for himself, among other ways, by creating large sculptures and art pieces out of real ecstasy pills. Just one of the pieces featured 7,000 ecstasy tablets and was worth $1.3 million dollars (way over market price per pill, but c’mon, it’s art).

Now he’s putting his designs up for sale to the general public – though, the pills of course do not contain any actual ecstasy.

There are many designs to choose from in the store – note that the “Gold Letters” and “Pill Letters” are customizable, and you can choose any letter you want.

All pieces are available now.